Natural remedies for athlete’s foot

What does athlete’s foot produce?
Among the most common causes of athlete’s foot are:

Moisture in the feet for long periods of time
Excessive perspiration
Do not dry thoroughly
Minor skin lesions
Immune Deficiencies
Wear non-cotton socks or stockings or closed plastic footwear in which the feet are not adequately ventilated
To make matters worse, it is extremely contagious to contact: from finger to finger, standing on foot, with shower floors, with the shoe, to name a few.

Once detected, it must be efficiently neutralized and prevented from spreading.

What are the symptoms of athlete’s foot?
Among the most common symptoms of athlete’s foot are:

Bad smell
Pain when the fingers extend
Blisters that suppure fluid or form crust
Dry skin
Unforgettable burning and itching
To treat this infection you can apply some natural remedies that will neutralize its effect. Be that as it may, it will never hurt to consult a specialist.

Natural Remedies to End Athlete’s Foot
We can take advantage of the acids present in the compounds that form the vinegar to prevent the propagation of fungi and eliminate moisture.

1 ® cup vinegar (375 ml)
3 cups of water (750 ml)
Combine the vinegar with warm water in a bucket.
Introduce feet and soak for 15 minutes.
When finished, dry thoroughly. Repeat this process twice a day.

The salt absorbs the humidity present in the environment , so it is a fungus exterminator by nature.

In this case, you can submerge the affected area in a salt water solution.

6 tablespoons salt (60 g)
4 cups water (1 liter)
Add the salt in a bucket of water and then dip the feet.
After 15 or 20 minutes, dry them thoroughly.
You must do this for at least 15 days.

How to treat gastritis quickly and homemade?


Having the condition of gastritis is very uncomfortable.

The pain and burning appear in the upper part of the stomach , which makes the partial well-being of the organism impossible .

Although not a mortal condition, its symptoms are unpleasant and, in turn, unwanted.

What is gastritis?
It is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa , which is responsible for protecting the internal walls of the stomach from acidity. When it is affected, irritation can cause various reactions in the body.

The triggers of this condition are varied. Among them the following stand out:

Physical or psychological stress
Infections produced by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori
Consumption of alcohol and tobacco

The Complexity of Gastritis

In general terms, each disease is usually characterized by a common or similar symptomatology among patients. However, gastritis tends to vary according to each person.

Depending on the degree of complexity of the patient, gastroscopy may be necessary.

Within the symptoms, the following may occur:

Oral gas or belching
Stomach ache
Heartburn or heartburn
Pain in the abdominal area
Threw up
Bloody Stools

Home Remedies to Treat Gastritis
In spite of being a little complex disease, based on the above, this can be treated in various ways. Home remedies can be very effective.

Here are a few easy-to-prepare alternatives.

Potato juice
Raw potatoes are an excellent alternative to treat gastritis, especially if your juice is treated.

These are characterized by being a great antacid. Its properties decrease stomach inflammation as well as excess gas .

2 potatoes

Peel the potatoes and scrape them.
Then put them in a strainer and press down to get the juice or juice.
The result should be diluted with a little warm water to give it a more liquid consistency.
It is recommended to take it at least three times a day. It can be once before each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
Rice water
Its action is similar to that of potato juice, therefore, it is very effective for the treatment of a disease like gastritis. It is one of the simplest homemade alternatives to prepare and consume.

4 cups water (1 liter)
cup of rice (100 g)

Heat the water until it boils and add the rice.
Let it cook for 8 minutes and remove from heat.
Strain the rice and reserve the water.
Wait for it to cool and consume 2 times a day.


Discover how to prepare homemade antacids

Between the stomach and the esophagus there is an opening that closes when food falls into the stomach.
When this gap is not completely sealed gastric acids begin to rise up the esophagus and cause the characteristic burning of acidity.

That’s why antacids are so important for those who suffer from this disease.

Heartburn is one of the main symptoms of indigestion . The good thing is that we can cure it with ingredients that we usually have at home.

Alkaline broth

1 potato
1 carrot
5 leaves of spinach
1 sprig of celery
1 sprig of parsley
4 cups water (1 liter)
Peel the carrots and potatoes and wash the rest of the ingredients well.
In a suitable pot, pour the 4 cups of water and heat until it comes to a boil.
Add the ingredients and cook until softened (about 35 minutes).
Mode of consumption
Try to drink half a glass (50 ml) of the broth every 2 or 3 hours until you feel unwell.

Aloe vera juice

4 tablespoons aloe vera gel (60 g)
1 cup water (250 ml)
1 tablespoon honey (25 g)

Extra the gel of the penca of aloe vera. Be sure to remove all the green part and the yellowish liquid that can come off the plant.
Bring to a blender with a cup of water and one tablespoon of honey and processed for 2 or 3 minutes.

Mode of consumption
Drink the juice 20 minutes before eating.
Note : If you consume it too often it may have a laxative effect. If you start to feel it, reduce the daily dose.

Apple cider vinegar

A home-based and economical treatment for this rather popular evil is apple cider vinegar . Its effects may vary depending on the person, so you should check how you feel.

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (10 ml)
1 glass of water (200 ml)
Preparation and method of consumption
Add a tablespoon of vinegar to a glass of water and mix well.
Take it slowly after eating.
Other Antacids
If you do not have time to prepare any of these remedies, do not worry. You can eliminate or prevent acidity with these foods:

Chewing gum and candy
Sugar-free chewing gum, candy and popsicles reduce gastric acid because they produce an increase in salivation that refreshes the digestive tract .

Chewing gum for at least 30 minutes after a heavy or greasy meal reduces the chance of getting heartburn.

How to control allergies with natural antihistamines

Allergy is the way the body defends itself against what it regards as an outside threat.
No matter how you contact us: through the air, through food or touch. Our body fears and reacts to warn us.

It will do so in the form of sneezing, blisters, pimples, inflammation, difficulty breathing … There are many symptoms, but they all have one characteristic: they prevent us from living comfortably.

However, medications that are prescribed to treat them often have the same characteristic, as they cause severe drowsiness.

Thus, interest in treating allergies with natural antihistamines has increased .

The side effects of these are much smaller and help us to cope with a condition that, although in many cases does not pose a risk to our life, does generate very intense discomfort.

When someone decides to bet on them, he comes across a question “what natural remedy is the most appropriate for my allergy?”.

The first thing we need to know is that we are looking for foods or preparations that neutralize the action of histamine , a substance that causes the symptoms that we want to undo.

Do not worry, since it is simpler than it seems. Are you still with us to discover them?

Learn to master allergies with natural antihistamines
Vitamin C

It is rare that we talk about natural medicine and not mention this element. Of course, its usefulness is unquestionable. Therefore, its inclusion in our diet is fundamental.

However, we must keep in mind that some of the foods rich in this vitamin contain histamine, so we have to choose well what we eat .

To control allergies, it is best to use supplements that contain vitamin C already isolated .
They are available in any herbalist, and even in the pharmacies already offer these solutions.

Bromelain Supplements
The pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain . This is a potent antihistminic.

However, we must avoid the temptation to take it with the fruit intake, since it has histamine, so all would be in vain.

It is appropriate to take it as a nutritional supplement .
Most naturopathy and homeopathy stores have them in stock , so it will be easy to buy. Also, remember that buying these products online is very safe and economical.

Eat onions to control allergies
The onion is a perfect boost for your immune system. On the one hand, it is rich in quercetin, a principle that acts very strongly against allergy.

In addition, on the other hand, it contributes to clear the airways , to diminish the mucus and to desinflamar our organs.

There are people who are very reluctant to take it because of their smell. If this is your case, we encourage you to rethink it, given that its benefits are innumerable.

In any case, it is also for sale in tablets that we can get in specialized centers.

Salt water gargles and other sore throat remedies

Home remedies to relieve sore throat are recommended for non-severe cases or as a parallel therapy to medical treatment.
These remedies will help you fall asleep at night or eat food without so much suffering.

Here are the most common:

Salt water gargles
Gargling with warm water and salt helps to reduce the burning of the throat and to release those annoying secretions .

This remedy prevents the formation of harmful bacteria that could generate an infection in the irritated area, so it is highly recommended.

1 glass of water (200 ml)
1 teaspoon salt (5 g)
Heat a glass of water.
Add a teaspoon of salt and mixture until it is diluted in water.
Wait for the temperature to drop a bit and start taking small drinks and gargling for 20 seconds.
Remember to spit and do not swallow the solution.
Repeat every four hours for at least three days.
Some people may bother the salty taste of this solution a bit. If it is your case, add half a tablespoon of honey (12 g) to change the taste a little.

Home Remedies for Safe Abortion at Home


One of the great problems of society is the large number of people who accustom To offer their services as medical specialists in abortion, who are accustomed to be the cause of the countless deaths of women who submit to this class of people who perform unorthodox practices.

Through this cause, several organizations in defense of women have sought to legalize abortion in order to reduce the number of deaths, and to allow women to be treated in hygienic places and by trained professionals, something that they have achieved in different countries.

Home remedies are widely used by people who are accustomed to following the tradition of their ancestors, since they tend to continue to have the same effect in general, which allows the recommendations of Certain infusions and treatments with food and other objects that can be easily obtained are still taken into account when making a decision about what to follow to repair a disease or a problem.

Another recommendation to induce abortion is to stimulate menstruation in Pregnancy, which is achieved by increasing the levels of estrogen, something very easy to Exercise, take soy milk, eat garlic, reduce the consumption of sugar, among other foods that manage to increase the level of estrogen and in turn allow menstruation to become present, even though the woman is in the first weeks Of pregnancy.


Best foods to uncover the arteries

There is a well-known phrase that says “we are what we eat” and can not be truer.
Those who carry unhealthy diets suffer the consequences (obesity, cholesterol, hypertension, etc.).

Therefore, in this article we want to tell you what are the best foods to uncover the arteries and avoid heart problems.

Foods to uncover the arteries
Progressive artery blockage (atherosclerosis) is an increasingly common problem in Western countries.

It causes more deaths a year than cigarette or alcohol , and worst of all is that it is a silent enemy who does not usually have symptoms .

The arterial walls are filled with fats according to the food we eat.

If our diet is based on caloric, fatty and sugary foods, we are more likely to have cholesterol, high blood pressure and circulatory problems.

In addition, this diet raises the risks of heart disease .

To avoid these pathologies and live longer and better we recommend that you add the following foods to your diet:

It is one of the foods that can not be missed at home because it gives a special flavor to meals.

Garlic is rich in antioxidants and has the ability to fight free radicals , lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and improve blood flow.

A clove of raw garlic a day unclogs arteries and prevents fat accumulation.

Olive oil
It is the healthiest of oils and we can use it in all kinds of preparations.

Olive oil dresses a salad, but also adds a unique flavor to meats and fish.
It is very healthy, does not cause cholesterol to build up in the arteries and is good for overall heart health.

We also recommend moderate consumption for your calorie intake.

Ways to get rid of lumps in feet

The lumps in the feet appear for various reasons and, although usually not dangerous, can sometimes cause physical discomfort and problems of self-esteem and insecurity .
Keep reading this article to learn more about this problem and find the most effective and appropriate solutions for your problem.

What are the lumps in the feet?
The lumps in the feet are protuberances of bones (bones) or skin (dermal) that appear for different reasons, ranging from congenital causes to a poor choice in footwear .

These prominences are harmless most of the time. However, keep in mind that the following cases require the attention of a specialist:

Patients with diabetes
Inflammation or temperature increase in the area around the lump
Walking impediment
Bone lumps

How to distinguish between bony and dermal protrusions?

Recognizing what type of lump we have in our feet is very important, because it will depend on the treatment.

The bony protrusions are usually hard to the touch and usually appear in joints , the most common being that of the big toe, known as bunion .

Treatment to correct this type of package includes the use of special pads and insoles, as well as orthopedically designed footwear and splints.

Before starting a corrective process in this type of bundle it is important to have the diagnosis and recommendation of a specialist .

On the other hand, the dermal protuberances appear in places where there has been a constant friction between the skin and another element, such as footwear.

These are called calluses, and it is thickened skin that is usually found on the top or to one side of the toes, as well as on the plant.

These types of packages can be eliminated without problems with simple methods.

Remedies to remove lumps in the feet

Aspirin and Lemon
Acetylsalicylic acid ( aspirin ) is used in dermatology for its anti-inflammatory properties and to help combat acne. It is also the active ingredient in many of the callus patches on the market.

This time we will combine it with the antiseptic properties of lemon juice .

5 or 6 aspirins
The juice of 1 lemon
What should you do?
Grind five or six aspirins into powder and add lemon juice until you can form a paste.
Apply the mixture to the affected part of your foot and cover with a gauze and a plastic bag for 10 minutes.
After the indicated time, rinse.
Repeat daily for one to two weeks.

How to Reduce Swelling in Your Eyes With These Homemade Tricks

The swelling in the eyes can be a consequence of the lack of rest of your body.
It can be due to a bad habit of the dream, as well as by the pollution of the environment and the contact that it establishes with your eyes.

It can also be a response to the constant stress you are exposed to every day, which causes your eyes to lose the natural appearance that identifies them.

However, there are several home-based tricks you can include in eye care .

Thanks to them you will reduce the swelling to leave them as new, totally fresh and with a completely healthy appearance.

The Best Homemade Tricks to Reduce Bloating Effectively

Sliced cucumber

It is an ingredient with refreshing properties. Thus, it is a really favorable option to decrease the swelling in the eyes in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to its contribution of ascorbic acid and caffeine acid helps to decrease the retention of liquid on the eyelids.

1 cucumber
Mode of application
Cut the cucumber into slices, place one in each eye and let it act for 8 minutes.
Repeat 3 times a week.
Remember that as the goal is to refresh your eyes and eyelids, if the slices are fresh out of the refrigerator, the effects will be much more noticeable.

Amazing Properties of Cinnamon for Health

We use it for many desserts and infusions, either powdered or raw. However, in addition to being a key ingredient in gastronomy, cinnamon has many health benefits .
Would you like to know the highlights? Then continue reading this article.

Cinnamon: small but powerful
When we think of cinnamon we automatically imagine a delicious cake or a comforting coffee. However, in addition to sweetening our lives, this brown spice has many medicinal properties.

Although it is used more in winter, we can enjoy it at any time of the year.

There are different types of cinnamon, including Cassia and Ceylon.

The first balances blood sugar levels in diabetics and the second, in addition, is an antioxidant more than interesting.

We can differentiate them through smell, since one has a stronger and more penetrating smell than the other.

Benefits of Cinnamon
This rich valuable spice in the kitchen is also prominent in natural medicine.

Of Asian origin (from Sri Lanka), it is also grown in other hot and humid countries such as India, Brazil, China, Madagascar or Seychelles.

The cinnamon as we know it comes from the bark of the tree and is extracted after peeling and rubbing the branches.
Then the crusts are rolled up and allowed to dry.
With a great contribution of minerals, vitamins B and C, cinnamon has multiple properties:

Reduces stomach swelling
If you suffer from slow digestion and feel that your stomach is about to explode, we recommend that you consume cinnamon tea after meals.
It will help prevent stomach upset and reduce inflammation .

Just add a little of this spice in infusions and desserts.

In addition, it eliminates the bile salts that make the colon sick, regulates the intestinal rhythm and stops nausea and vomiting (ideal for women in the first stage of pregnancy).
As if it were not enough, the cinnamon opens the appetite and diminishes the acidity.

Balances glucose
People with type 2 diabetes find cinnamon a great ally.

Consuming this spice on an empty stomach and after eating reduces blood sugar levels.
Its major compounds stimulate insulin receptors and inhibit the enzyme that inactivates them.

Treat athlete’s foot
Those who suffer from foot fungus can benefit from the benefits of cinnamon.

You can buy the essential oil of this spice in a naturist shop.

Spread on affected foot previously washed and dried.
Let it be absorbed all night long.
To prevent staining the bed wear socks or wrap in a clean cloth.
It also works as a natural foot deodorant.